The MoonRaker design was formulated after afternoon tea with the Guru of Flex, George Greenough, talking story and discussing Flex.. Using the longer lines of a 7'4 pintail gun... 4'' cut from the nose to shorten it up while holding the long projection lines.Very low overall rocker, low entry with a parabolic, progressive speed curve throughout, mirrored and accentuated through the concave. Quick release rocket tail,deep single concave with defined narrow rail twin vee to loosen it up. his design translates well right through the size range from under 6 ft to 8ft.
Test ride report: I was lucky to get a session of 3-6ft down the line waves, 2 -300 yard rides. The board literally flew, at times barely contacting the water...quick as lightning, long speed arcs...and total control in tight carves and S turns. The low rocker gives easy wave entry and instant board speed, the full flex construction giving variable arcs and massive reflex / projection. Driving this board hard , cranking it down the hi line, it has no "top end"...will keep going faster and faster with the wave. The Switch Blades felt totally positive, an integral part of the board, drag free. I rate this board as all time!
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