V2 Flex

Outer Island V2 flex models puts the flex where you want it The V2 is a revolutionary approach to controlling the overall flex pattern of a surfboard. Over 30 years of research and development with flex has lead to this design. The best board has flex from the back and stiffness / rigidity under the front foot. Stringerless boards are flexy, but the flex pattern is is uncontrolled. Conventional stringers stiffen the overall board. By placing the stringers in a Vee shape, the flex pattern is controlled. It also places the stringers down the ‘drivelines’ of the shape. It puts the flex where you want it…in the tail section, and stiffens the board through the forward section. They feel sensitive and alive under foot, and deliver a burst of drive (reflex) out of the turns. Like a full flex tail, it bends in the turn to give tighter arcs and greater hold on the wave. Far less labour intensive than our full flex tail, it brings flex construction to a competitive price, affordable by everyone. The concept works equally effectively right through the size range, from shortboards, through mid length to longboards. Get on one and feel the difference!. For more information email mitchell at info@outerislandsurfboards.com


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