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We take pride in the strength and longevity of our boards, which outlast production built product by 4 times and more. Using slow cure resin mixes which are inherently stronger, we apply the fibreglass under tension, like a drum skin, We pull the weft fibres to a 20 degree angle toward the rails, in opposing directions on each side, creating a complex matrix of diagonal fibres. Coupled with wider laps, these techniques make for a far stronger board by utilising the materials to their maximum potential, with no increase in weight. When you have invested time and money for your surf trip to paradise, you can have confidence that you won’t suffer equipment failure.
We are the acknowledged world leaders in Flex Technology, with FlexTails, carbon fibre controlled flex patterns, the use of timber in specific functions, to control the overall flex pattern of a surfboard. Our most recent innovation in design is the V2 Flex

Board Range



The MoonRaker design was formulated after afternoon tea with the Guru of Flex, George Greenough, talking story and discussing Flex.. Using the longer lines of a 7'4 pintail gun... 4'' cut from the nose to shorten it up while holding the long projection lines.Very low overall rocker, low entry with a parabolic, progressive speed curve throughout, mirrored and accentuated through the concave. Quick release rocket tail,deep single concave with defined narrow rail twin vee to loosen it up. This design translates well right through the size range from under 6 ft to 8ft.
Test ride report: I was lucky to get a session of 3-6ft down the line waves, 2 -300 yard rides. The board literally flew, at times barely contacting the water...quick as lightning, long speed arcs...and total control in tight carves and S turns. The low rocker gives easy wave entry and instant board speed, the full flex construction giving variable arcs and massive reflex / projection. Driving this board hard , cranking it down the hi line, it has no "top end"...will keep going faster and faster with the wave. The Switch Blades felt totally positive, an integral part of the board, drag free. I rate this board as all time!
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Our version of the fish uses a curvy outline. Fast, low rocker gives long drive lines, easy planing and wave entry. The twin vee concave supplies jet speed with easy, loose transitions. Available in, tri quad and twin fin set ups. FISH GALLERY



Scaled down size to suit the rider’s size, weight and experience level, the Smart Board, Fish and Performer will take the Gromm to the next level. GROMMS GALLERY



Generally speaking girls are lighter and less aggressive than the boys, I find they tend be front foot surfers leaning forward to access speed. We flatten the rocker under the front foot to generate drive and reduce the tail area often using subtle wings to reduce the planing area behind the back foot making the board more responsive and easier to turn.The Fish, Smart Board and Performer are excellent styles for the girls. GIRLS GALLERY



This is the board you ride seven times out of ten, the magic carpet for every day use, designed to extract maximum speed and power from small to medium size waves with increased width and a curvy outline to maximise planing area. With a smooth low rocker, sweet nose tweak and progressive tail rocker coupled with a speedy single to double concave it’s recommended as a round tail for smooth rail to rail transitions and cutbacks. Hidden central foam for easy paddle and wave entry with a medium/fine rail for quick response, it generates speed from it’s own turns and glides through dead sections.Available right through from 5’10 to 7’2, recommended in lighter construction. SMARTY GALLERY



This is the board for today’s futuristic surfing. The current trend is toward shorter, and a little wider, with flatter deck and boxy, neutral rail form. Flatter central rocker for more speed. The pro’s generally favour the squash tail for its drivey, loose feel and the freedom to break the tail free for controlled drift, reverses and skater style moves. Available in all tail shapes (R Pin, Swallow, Squash). Single and single to double concaves, thrusters and quad combos. Awesome in V2Flex! PERFORMER GALLERY



Like a dolphin’s tail , Flextails generate propulsion, drive and acceleration out of the turns. The tail flexes as you apply power, carving a tighter arc. Energy is stored in the carbon tail, and is released out of the turn (reflex) delivering a massive burst of drive and speed, like an arrow from a bow, or a diver launching from a spring board. Unlike conventional boards which are rigid and have one inbuilt set of curves, they feel alive to ride, changing shape while in motion, carving variable arcs and springing out of turns like Formula 1 race car.
Many of our clients will ride nothing but Flextails.... once you discover the feel of flex, there is no turning back! Constructed from Carbon Fibre , Vynel Esters and EVA using most the most advanced technology available on the planet. Invest in Technology! FLEXTAIL GALLERY



This classic style has super easy wave entry and maximum paddle power, incorporating the whole range of performance technology in a “step up board” for coral reef and point breaks. It’s expensive to get to those remote places where the last thing you want is equipment failure, so these are built strong to handle heavy duty conditions , boat trips etc. The perfect choice for that overseas trip to paradise. Generally built as a R Pin, they work well in all your favourite tail shapes (R Pin, Swallow, Squash). CORAL REFFER GALLERY



We build a lot of guns ... boards that inspire confidence and give you the edge when the swell is up! The essential ingredients are maximum paddle power to get you out to the line up, super easy wave entry, blazing speed and subtle control. We build guns that get in early, putting you in control of the situation, a magic carpet under your feet. Riding much smaller than they measure, turning like a shortboard... sensitive and lively, you’ll find that they work well in any wave with a wall, and are fabulous to ride in medium as well as large surf... you can ride them far more often than you would think, unlike clunky old guns from the past! Don’t hesitate, get that essential classic board for your quiver, Gun Ho!




The easy paddle, hi performance all rounder for the bigger guy. A “Ship Wreck Board”...if you were to be washed up on a desert island with just one board, this one will ride every kind of wave. Available right through the size range, in all your favourite tail shapes. Why ride a mal, when you get all the waves you want on an Easy Rider! EASY RIDER GALLERY



A great performance all rounder in the mid length range. Semi double ender outline, fast single to double concave and spiral chine entry. This board is a hi performance alternative delivering great paddling, smooth glide and transitions for everyday surfing and point breaks. A great choice for guys who enjoy surfing classic lines and for the larger rider. MONO GALLERY



The “Step Up Board “ for the better , more powerful days. Maximum performance in the 4 foot to 8 foot plus wave range. The essential board for the travelling surfer heading for the more remote reefs and barrels on the planet. Constructed for strength and reliability so you don't snap your favourite board after a long journey to get to paradise. Add 3-4 inches to your normal length. Available in all your favourite tail shapes and fin set ups. MINI GUN GALLERY



Designed as a hi performance board capable of ripping in a wide variety of conditions, not just an entry level board. Wail off the tail, step to the centre to draw longer lines around a section, ride the nose and pull into a barrel with forward control. Step back to carve a roundhouse cutback with shortboard agility. Speedy single to double concaves. Available in all tail shapes. MINI MAL GALLERY



Faster than a speeding bullet!A mid length board designed to carve in beachies, point and reef breaks. Hi performance surfing in all kinds of waves. I ride these lot myself...it’s an essential board in my quiver. A great Indo board, I took mine to Sumatra, rode it heaps and was very stoked I did! My favourite is V2 Flex Quad. Clean lines, slightly narrower measurements and profiles, spiral chine entry, single to double and triple turbo concaves. Smooth low central rocker with sweet nose tweak and progressive tail curve. The prince of hi performance mals, these designs will ride real waves where normal mals fear to go! Available in all your favourite tail shapes and fin set ups. SUPER MAL GALLERY



The King of Longboards! The Flex Tail Carbon Flex Technology takes this board to another dimension in longboards, carving tight arcs and springing out of the turns like a Ferrari. With Carbon Fiber rails to control the overall flex pattern these boards are alive! Designed to deliver longboard paddle power and wave entry, it is well at home in classic point surf and the reef waves of Indo and Hawaii. Where traditional and modern mals struggle to deal with steep hollow waves and barrels, this board comes to life. Surfers who enjoy riding longer rail lines love this design. Typical Stealth dimensions are 9’1” long, 21” wide, 2 ¾”. Available in all your favourite tail shapes and fin set ups. Invest in Technology for the ride of your life! STEALTH GALLERY



We offer a range of longboard styles, from Supermals, Nose Riders to traditional Logs in a variety of construction styles. Traditional glass tints, Cedar stringers and Balsa/cedar T Bands, 3 stringers, V2 Flex ,custom airbrush designs and more... we are all about custom design and construction. Our usual approach is to do the order process in person, or by phone with the website and blogs open so we can discuss the various options and write up your personalised design / order. LONGBOARD GALLERY



Each year I craft a small number of signed and dated custom balsa boards from the lightest Ecuador and New Guinea balsa with Western Red Cedar and Redwood stringers.Drawing inspiration from the guitar maker’s art with hand inlayed Mother of Pearl eyes and logos to elevate them to a higher level.. Chambered for lightness, split, bent and glued using techniques similar to that of boat builders and aircraft wing construction. In a similar fashion to collector’s guitars, years of use and hard riding enhance their intrinsic value. Like a ’57 Les Paul Gibson, they become full of memories and experience. They look good on the wall but these boards are built to be ridden, I spend upwards of sixty man hours on each one, these are lasting my statements in the art of board making. I spare no effort on these boards.They’ll still be around long after I’m pushing up daisies.They’re the pinnacle of the surfboard makers art. BALSA GALLERY BALSA INFO


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